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The landing visual glue dispensing machine for assembly line is mainly composed of solid-state cabinet dispensing equipment, CCD vision positioning system, spray dispensing valve and assembly line device. It is a high-precision visual glue dispensing mach.



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Dual-liquid dispensing machine, also known as AB dispensing machine, double-liquid dispensing machine, double-component dispensing machine and AB double-liquid dispensing machine, etc., professionals have different names for this equipment. In a word, it .



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The process of manual gluing is relatively complex. The traditional manual gluing can not make every gluing product achieve consistency. The precision of gluing is not enough. The quality of the process decreases. The emergence of automatic gluing equipme.



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In the glue machine system, the glue-filling valve plays a very important role. It is the last control port between the liquid (glue) and the product. The knowledge of the glue-filling valve will be introduced below. The filling valve is composed of a cyl.



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Industrial pressure barrel connection is used, especially not for food use. Industrial pressure barrel connection, this problem is not complicated, you only need 10 minutes to learn. Joining steps of industrial pressure barrel Listen to the little editor .



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Yellow glue dispenser puts glue into pressure barrel, compressed air enters pressure barrel (storage barrel), and glue is pressed into the feeding pipe connected with the barrel chamber. Top needle type yellow rubber valve: send a signal to solenoid valve.



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The dispensing syringe, dispensing syringe and injection syringe are all tools for storing glue in pneumatic devices and for coating. According to the characteristics of some glue, different colors can prevent the glue from light reaction. By matching wit.



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Hot melt adhesives are not only widely used in packaging industry, but also often used in some public equipment production lines. Like cables or optical cables, because they need to be used more in wind, sunlight and corrosive environments, good glue is n.



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The bottom filling coating is epoxy resin coating on the edge of flip chip. According to the capillary effect, the glue is absorbed to the opposite side of the component to complete the bottom filling process, and then the glue is cured under heating. nsu.



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Black glue is a high viscosity black glue. Black glue has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, good heat dissipation, high hardness, easy dispensing, flame retardant, bending resistance, low shrinkage and low moisture absorption. These char.

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