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Does PVC trademark dispensing require high glue quantity con

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PVC trademark dispensing has appeared many years ago, but manual dispensing was used in the past, the accuracy is not particularly high. Now the development of science and technology is more and more rapid, manual dispensing has been obviously backward, replaced by automatic dispensing machine. Pvc trademark dispensing is not particularly high in dispensing industry. Compared with electronic circuit and medical equipment dispensing, the technology of PVC trademark dispensing is slightly lower, but now we still need to achieve a higher accuracy of PVC technology. We can choose full-automatic dispensing machine on PVC trademark dispensing, and we can also choose specialized dispensing machine. PVC glue on the door.
PVC商标点胶 What is PVC? PVC material is a kind of plastics which is cheaper and can be seen after modification. When plasticizer is added to PVC material, it can be processed into many kinds of transparent plastic products. PVC is also commonly used as a trademark raw material. The properties of PVC are quite special. We usually use special PVC glue.
What should we pay attention to in the process of dispensing PVC trademark?
商标点胶 After processing, the PVC trademark will have good impact resistance, chemical stability, easy to decompose under heat, and will discolor the trademark, so we need to dispensing the PVC trademark. Our manual dispensing has many drawbacks, such as low production efficiency, inaccurate dispensing accuracy, and easy to put rubber droplets in other places, easy leakage and so on. We can use automatic dispensing machine, automatic dispensing machine has high precision, when dispensing PVC trademark, we can use with PVC glue. Automatic dispensing machine is better for the control of glue quantity. Although the control of glue quantity for PVC trademark is not particularly high when dispensing, manual dispensing is difficult to meet the requirements of high standards. We choose automatic dispensing machine can save a lot of labor costs, and greatly improve the efficiency of production. Rate.
When dispensing PVC trademark, automatic dispensing machine is selected.
PVC商标点胶 Fully automatic dispensing machine is not only suitable for dispensing PVC trademark, but also can be applied to many industries, because it has the advantages of high dispensing accuracy, high speed dispensing, and is not particularly sensitive to the viscosity of glue, and can also be applied to some semiconductor industry, navigation industry and so on.

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