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What type of machine is used in paint spraying in the glue i

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Paint spraying is no longer a simple operation, market competition, using the past methods can easily lead to manufacturers losing the market. Paint spraying makes it possible to improve the beauty of products, but also to prevent products from rusting. A spray dispensing machine has been developed, which can be sprayed. General signs and crafts can use this type of machine.
Two types of jet dispenser
This spray dispensing machine can not be used for paint spraying, but also for toy surface spraying, different industries can also use, only in the debugging aspect to do a good job, to have the use of spraying technology now, of course, this new dispensing machine price will be more expensive, but we need to see which type, there are two spray dispensing machines, one is desktop type, belongs to small. The other one is mainframe. At present, mainframe is widely used in the market. The use of toy dispensing machine for spraying words on the surface of toys is a mainframe.
Advantages of Injection Technology
油漆喷字 Jet dispensing machine can produce a lot of products at one time when it is used in paint spraying. It can produce at least 10,000 products every day with high cost, but the production speed is fast, and the adverse effects are very few. Within 10,000 products, there are no more than 10. This is a terrible rate of good products. Jet dispensing is another type of dispensing machine, toy dispensing machine. On the surface of toys, printing can also produce many products every day, for each product printing will not be inferior to thousands.
视觉喷漆机 Paint spray type selection or spray dispensing machine is the best, of course, need to find visual type machine, automatic recognition function can not need to arrange products, directly put the product on the workbench, you can dispensing, if you need visual spray dispensing machine, you can buy in the neutral system, call the hotline 1366812001.

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