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How to Design the Packaging Structure of Automatic Dispenser

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The packaging structure is mainly designed according to the packaging path of the industry. We need circular dispensing, so we design it in the constant control system of the automatic dispensing machine. This will be more convenient. For example, the bottom of the display screen is encapsulated by the word "mouth", while the packaging structure is designed according to its requirements, which is more straightforward and simple.
Dispensing accuracy of spray coating machine
显示屏底部封装 The spray glue dispensing machine belongs to the spraying equipment, which has high dispensing accuracy. In the packaging structure, the dispensing accuracy can be achieved with good sealing. Although the automatic dispensing machine can meet the needs of the bottom packaging of the display screen, the dispensing accuracy is still not as high as that of the spray glue dispensing machine. The highest accuracy can reach 0.01mm, which can not be achieved by the automatic dispensing machine.
Packaging paths are designed differently for different machine types
全xf881娱乐手机版 Packaging structure is mainly based on the industry has a direct relationship, and then is the design of automatic dispensing machine dispensing path, in fact, the different systems used by the machine will affect the packaging structure design, such as automatic dispensing machine and spray dispensing machine, the former using constant control system, while the latter using PLC system, the two packaging structure design is different, if you need, you can call me. Our hotline is known.
Complexity of Packaging Design for Spraying Equipment
The industry packaging of spraying equipment is more complex. It is no longer the way of line packaging. Generally, it is more complex. It is the same as the bottom packaging of display screen. We can refer to the video of spraying is the gluing of spraying machine in crafts. We can clearly see the gluing technology of spraying machine. However, the design is relatively difficult.
Fully automatic dispensing machine and spraying equipment can design all kinds of packaging structure since they have the design method of packaging structure. Although it is more difficult to package than the bottom of the display screen, it can still meet the demand. If you need spray coating machine or automatic dispensing machine, you can call the service hotline 13928403389.

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