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What is the working principle of the glue coating machine fo

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The working principle of gluing machine is very helpful for the operation of automatic gluing machine. Even if you choose different dispensing, the working principle of gluing machine is not changed. You know the working principle of one gluing machine and other machines, so is the working principle of the automatic gluing machine. Little white belt can help you understand the working principle of the automatic gluing machine.
Analysis of working principle of glue coating machine
全自动涂胶机 Xiaobai explains the actual operation principle to you according to the production process of an industry, not the theoretical knowledge. Taking the full-automatic glue coating machine as an example, Xiaobai explains the working principle to you. First of all, it must be the choice of glue, select glue that meets the bottom packaging of the display screen, then observe the product packaging structure, and then put the display screen on the full-automatic glue coating machine. On the machine workbench, then use the fine-tuning system of the glue coating machine to align it with the first glue dispensing at the bottom of the display screen, and then start to draw the product packaging structure, fixed point every two points until the painting is finished.
Constant Control System Compliance Model
xf881娱乐手机版 Packaging structure is set according to the location of product dispensing, there will be a constant control system on the automatic glue coating machine, and this system is more in line with the glue coating machine below 551, larger or more complex packaging structure can not use this system, need to use the PLC operating system, which needs to be understood as part of the working principle of the glue coating machine, PLC system is more complex. All right, if you need it, you can ask us to do it.
全xf881娱乐手机版 The bottom edge packaging of the display screen is only a part of our application, and there are many industries that meet the production needs. If you have any needs, you can find the manufacturer of our production and buy the automatic glue coating machine. We will have after-sales service to teach you how to use the glue dispensing equipment, how to operate the packaging structure, how to explain the working principle of the glue coating machine, and very good service.

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