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Visual dispenser without needle leakage

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Needle glue leakage has always been a problem in dispensing industry, but now there is a dispensing equipment that can solve the problem of needle glue leakage, that is, visual dispensing machine, which does not need to use dispensing equipment of dispensing needle, and it will not happen again that needle is not suitable to use or needle effect is not good, which is a testimony to the development of dispensing industry technology.
Dispensing valve of visual dispensing machine
喷射式点胶阀 The dispensing valve used in desktop visual dispensing machine is no longer a square dispensing valve, but a piezoelectric dispensing valve, which needs to be controlled by voltage. This can make use of voltage pressure to provide the pressure of dispensing valve to ensure that the glue can be sprayed out. This means that needle dispensing needle need not be used and needle leakage will not occur.
How to ensure that the needle does not leak glue
喷射式点胶阀 In fact, if you want the needle to not leak glue, you need to use several methods. First, use desktop visual dispensing machine, second, use jet dispensing valve, third, carry out square dispensing valve maintenance, some dispensing valves will be used for a long time, the sealing ring will be damaged, sealing will be reduced, so maintenance dispensing valve is one of the ways to prevent the needle from leaking glue.
How to ensure that the needle does not leak glue, there must be a method, to understand the working principle of square dispensing valve and consumables, the working principle is to ensure that you do not have problems in operating mode dispensing valve and desktop visual dispensing machine, consumables are used for a long time will be broken or damaged, and need to be replaced for a period of time. The leakage of glue from needles is caused by several problems.
Benefits of using desktop visual dispenser
What are the benefits of using desktop visual dispensing opportunities? Continuous dispensing task does not need to replace dispensing accessories, so the production efficiency will be improved, but this visual dispensing opportunity is more expensive than ordinary equipment, which is the reason for the price of dispensing valves, generally imported jet dispensing valve price is between 10,000 and 20,000, and square dispensing valve price is several hundred, so there will be no needle leakage problem is very normal.

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