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How about glue injection? It's better to use semi-automatic

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Glue injection is a relatively old dispensing method, which is used only when there is no semi-automatic dispensing machine. In order to improve dispensing accuracy, there is a needle injection method. Although this method can meet certain dispensing accuracy requirements, it is difficult to operate and unstable dispensing, so it is quickly replaced by semi-automatic and automatic dispensing technology.
Where glue injection can be used
In fact, there are still ways to inject glue, such as painting on the label, and the automatic dispensing machine used for painting on the label is more expensive, because the visual dispensing effect is used, while using the general automatic dispensing machine, which requires continuous programming of dispensing paths, will be more troublesome, so we will choose the way of glue injection, using injection needles, so the cost will be lower. But production will be more troublesome.
Needle syringes are no longer used in most industries
Most industries have abolished the way of glue injection. Large companies basically use automatic dispensing equipment, small or few dispensing manufacturers basically use semi-automatic dispensing equipment. A semi-automatic dispensing machine and dispensing syringe need more than 100 types. Although dispensing syringe is a consumable product, its cost is not high, and long-term purchase will not cost too much money. Semi-automatic dispensing machine is easy to operate, easy to use, and relatively simple to apply in production.
Semi-automatic dispensing is better than glue injection.
Generally speaking, semi-automatic dispensing equipment is more convenient and easy to use than automatic dispensing equipment, and the cost is not high. These are well-founded. Even if it is paint, semi-automatic dispensing machine and dispensing syringe can be used for operation. As long as the paint is put into dispensing syringe, and then connected with the equipment, the paint can be applied and the glue quantity can be controlled. The problem of glue leakage will not occur in the process of glue injection.

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