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How to finish the gluing scheme for igniter of point motorcy

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The glue-dispensing scheme is mainly based on the application of product dispensing. Take the motorcycle igniter glue-dispensing as an example, let you know how the glue-dispensing scheme is completed. You need to know the product requirements for dispensing, in order to set up the corresponding dispensing equipment to ensure the completion of dispensing tasks.
How to Design Glue Coating Scheme
Firstly, we will introduce the performance and fittings of an automatic dispensing machine to see if its parameters can meet the production requirements. Then we will set a series of dispensing paths according to these parameters to meet the dispensing requirements. This is one of the methods for the design of the dispensing scheme.
Gantry dispenser
xf881娱乐手机版 Manual dispensing and automatic dispensing
But the plan is a whole process, not too rough, and you have this demand, we can help you design the dispensing plan, and then communication price is also possible, we produce manual dispensing machine and automatic dispensing machine, as long as it meets your production and cost requirements, will recommend which equipment you want, automatic dispensing machine faster than manual dispensing opportunity, and The manual dispensing machine does not need to set the coating scheme.
Automatic dispensing machine
Differences between dispensing
Manual dispensing machine differs from gantry five-axis sealing strip dispensing machine in that it has automatic and manual control system, which ensures automatic dispensing speed and quality, while manual dispensing is manual speed. Although it is simple, the production effect is worse. This is the most obvious difference. If motorcycle igniter is coated with glue, small knitting is recommended. Automatic dispensing machine.
If you need to design a coating scheme or buy an automatic dispensing machine, you can find our medium-sized dispensing machine manufacturer. The telephone service hotline is 1392843389.

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