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Three methods to prevent rubber leakage of rubber valves can

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Preventive glue valve leakage must be combined with automatic glue coating equipment, 3131 dispensing valve and dispensing controller to achieve the desired effect. These three products are very helpful for dispensing accuracy debugging. They basically determine the effect of the whole dispensing product. The first part of the small edition is how to use dispensing equipment and dispensing accessories to solve the problem of pre-coating glue leakage.
Controlling glue quantity with dispensing fittings
自动涂胶设备 The glue concentration used in each industry is different, there is no fixed pressure input value, so we are doing to prevent glue valve leakage? Before applying glue, we need to increase the backdraft pressure of dispensing controller, and then see if there is any sign of glue flowing out. If there is a little more backdraft strength, then slowly reduce the backdraft pressure, or increase the pressure value, and then dispensing, so as to ensure that glue will not leak out. This is the first method to prevent glue valve leakage, and the dispensing accuracy adjustment needs to be done. It should be matched with dispensing needle.
Controlling glue volume with air pressure
点胶机 The second point is the method of preventing glue leak from glue valve. According to the requirement of glue concentration, select a relatively small needle for glue dispensing, then lower the pressure of the dispensing controller, let the glue flow to the inside of the dispensing valve, then carry out the dispensing task, test the dispensing effect, after dispensing, then according to the actual effect, we can prevent glue leak from glue valve. All these need to be combined with the automatic glue dispensing equipment. Operating with 3131 dispensing valves is only the second detail.
Control glue volume with glue valve
In fact, the whole process is to prevent rubber valve leakage. Before use, but after use? How to prevent rubber valve leakage, in fact, is also relatively simple, or with the use of 3131 dispensing valve, there will be a fine-tuning button on the dispensing valve, can adjust the size of the glue, after the automatic glue coating equipment has been unable to adjust, then need to use the adjustment of the glue valve itself, which can also achieve the accuracy of dispensing debugging, can effectively prevent glue valve leakage!

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