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When using ab glue, we must know its mixing principle.

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You may only know that AB glue can be used after mixing, but you don't know how to mix in the right order. Today, I learned about the principle of AB glue mixing in my friend's glue factory. This detail has an impact on the dispensing effect. Let me tell you if we mix ab glue.
Understanding the type of glue
喷射式点胶机 Before using ab glue, it is necessary to know the proportion of glue mixing. After that, whether this glue is a hardener or a hardener, both of them are different mixing ways. After mixing hardener, it will solidify in a certain period of time, while the hardener will solidify in a very long period of time. Therefore, the two kinds of machines and equipment used will be different, and hardener will not be used in general. Precision screw valve and desktop jet dispensing machine dispensing, which is one of the principles of AB glue mixing.
Understanding the ways of mixing
桌面式喷射式点胶机 The second step is to know whether the mixing of a B glue is coupling, self-crosslinking, or condensation. Knowing the three axes, we can know the mixing principle of a B glue. The former is a glue, mixing of B glue, and the latter is B glue mixing of a glue. This can ensure the activity of the glue. When used in dispensing products, the effect will naturally be better.
Selection of dispensing equipment
Of course, know the principle of AB glue mixing, but also know that AB glue can use those dispensing equipment, such as in the high-precision dispensing industry, then need to choose a precision screw valve with jet dispensing machine to use together, screw valve is an import valve, dispensing accuracy control is very accurate, similar to 3:1 glue ratio, can directly meet the requirements of dispensing, if other equipment is used. It is difficult to achieve, desktop jet dispensing machine and precision screw valve are mainly prepared by high-precision dispensing industry.

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