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What accessories can control the vision system of automatic

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The visual system is in recent years in the industry's most popular dispensing machine, automatic dispensing machine can help solve many problems such as: dispensing, dispensing accuracy, quality and speed of detection, why can also solve the problem of speed, because the automatic dispensing machine in small industry. When the accuracy of automatic dispensing machine can not keep up, so the dispensing speed will decline.
Visual automatic dispensing machine accessories use what software and machine control, in fact there is a whole dispensing control system, which includes many parts and software, these are the need of automatic dispensing machine accessories, are indispensable, vision system is used to control what parts?
System of dispensing machine are used with the corresponding parts of control, there is no corresponding controller, the part of the function can not be used, so the visual system is no exception, which is why the area in which bad is to examine what is the same reason, visual automatic glue machine parts are relatively high, every one can control a system operation and operation.
The visual system is to control the computer, because the computer image processing is good, before the next name was able to image analysis and sorting, then the implementation of PLC software issued a command, so that you can show the production speed automatic dispensing machine.
Good visual automatic dispensing machine accessories price will be more expensive, because it is the best to build the process technology and material use, use of time will be longer than that of other visual system, so the price will be improved, the quality of many products can use time than other visual automatic dispensing captain, the overall is still relatively bargain.

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