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What kind of automatic equipment and precautions are needed

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The use of hot melt glue must use a device, that is, heating device, why need to use heating device, because hot melt glue is different from the general type of glue, the production is solid, need to heat the glue after melting, so that it has a certain fluidity, in order to use hot melt spray glue dispensing machine for dispensing, hot melt glue dispensing needs to be equipped with corresponding accessories.
Advantages of automation equipment in dispensing
热熔胶喷胶阀 Hot melt glue machine and hot melt glue spray valve are all machines that can use hot melt adhesive. They are also named according to the type of glue, which can completely meet the requirements of production. They can also control the glue in the expected effect. The dispenser is used for dispensing the perfume bottle cap. The glue dispenser is used for glue dispensing. It can control the amount of glue in 0.01 accuracy, and the effect of dispensing is high. This is the advantage of automatic dispensing.
Two Methods of Using Hot Melt Adhesive
There are two ways to use hot melt adhesive, manual dispensing and automatic dispensing. At present, the automatic dispensing method is more popular because it can automatically glue dispensing, and speed up dispensing quickly, control the quantity of glue, and improve the dispensing quality. Therefore, the automatic dispensing machine is more popular than manual dispensing machine, and the accuracy requirement of special type perfume bottle cap dispensing is very difficult to meet the demand of manual dispensing machine.
Hot melt glue spray valve
Hot melt glue spraying valve is also the focus of using hot melt glue. Hot melt glue spraying machine can heat hot melt glue, mainly because hot melt glue spraying valve installed heating device, so it can directly heat hot melt glue, so dispensing is very convenient, hot melt glue spraying machine is also very convenient to use, put hot melt glue into hot melt glue spraying valve, then it can be heated and used. Convenient, high dispensing accuracy, so many manufacturers will choose hot melt adhesive spraying machine, which is one of the main reasons.
If you want to know hot melt adhesive spray valve and hot melt adhesive spray machine, or other types of automatic dispensing machine, you can contact us, you can also understand other methods of using hot-melt adhesive, such as perfume bottle cap dispensing, want to know more details, you can dial the service hotline directly: 13928403389

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