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What automatic dispensing machine does the high precision in

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There are many types of dispensing equipment that can be used for black glue dispensing, such as automatic visual dispensing machine, automatic dispensing machine, jet dispensing machine, etc., all of which can be used for black glue dispensing. However, the dispensing machine should be selected according to the demand of dispensing industry. The dispensing accuracy of these three machines is different, and the dispensing effect can be different, so the corresponding dispensing machine should be selected according to the requirements of the industry. Equipment.
Automatic visual dispenser
涂黑胶 Fully automatic visual dispensing machine has the highest precision, which is generally used in chip dispensing. The dispensing accuracy can reach 0.01mm. It is not only high precision, but also fast dispensing speed. This is the best type of machine in our mid-production at present. It can also be used together with the assembly line. It can also complete the requirements of black dispensing without manual feeding and unloading, so the high-precision dispensing industry can. To select the automatic visual dispensing machine as the preferred equipment for production.
Automatic dispensing machine
The automatic dispensing machine belongs to the conventional three-axis dispensing machine. It is equipped with a single component dispensing valve which can dispense black glue. Although it can meet the requirements of dispensing, it can not meet the requirements of ultra-high precision dispensing. The accuracy can be achieved is 1 mm, and manual dispensing is also needed. However, the advantage is that the cost is low, and more than 10,000 people can purchase an automatic dispensing valve which can coat black glue. Machine, use is also more convenient, there is no full-automatic visual dispensing machine programming trouble.
全自动xf881兴发手机版入口 One-component dispensing valve
In addition to the selection of dispensing equipment, dispensing accessories are also very important. Why do some automatic dispensing machines achieve high-speed dispensing, and some are not? With the use of dispensing valve has a great relationship, one-component dispensing valve is a dispensing valve that can use high viscosity glue, so it can be coated with black glue, high viscosity of black glue, general dispensing valve can not meet the requirements of use.
There are many aspects of blackening, mainly according to the demand of the dispensing industry, which dispensing accessories are used. Besides the one-component dispensing valves, there are also precision dispensing valves, jet dispensing valves, filling valves, pressure drums and so on. We belong to one-stop dispensing equipment manufacturers.

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