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What glue is better for soles and which glue machine should

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What glue do you put on the soles of your shoes? According to the feedback from the shoe manufacturers, epoxy resin glue is usually used for dispensing, and using this glue, we have to say that the glue dispensing machine we are now producing is in line with the use of epoxy glue for dispensing soles, which can achieve linear dispensing function, and the dispensing is uniform and smooth. It only takes 5 seconds to complete a sole.
Advantage of epoxy resin glue for shoe sole dispensing
环氧树脂胶 Sole dispensing with single liquid epoxy glue can not only fasten shoes, but also have softness, make wearing more comfortable. Using a glue is not simple, but it needs many considerations to decide which equipment has advantages and lower cost for sole dispensing, just like using glue machine, which is in the scope of consideration, since Know what glue is applied to the sole, and which edition recommends a glue machine that meets the needs of the sole dispensing.
Glue Coating Machine Applied to Sole Dispensing
鞋面喷胶机 It is recommended that you use the upper spraying machine, which is equipped with a single liquid dispensing valve. Because of the low requirement of epoxy glue, epoxy glue dispensing can be realized by simple defoaming method. In order to quickly complete the dispensing task, speed is the key point, of course, to meet the needs of dispensing, so the use of shoe sprayer is the best way to solve, rapid and uniform dispensing technology, welcomed by shoe manufacturers.
Comparison of Visual Glue Coating Machine and Desktop Glue Coating Machine
视觉涂胶机 What kind of glue on sole needs to be matched with dispensing valves and glue applicators, in order to meet the requirements of dispensing soles, there are also machines that use floor-mounted visual glue applicators, which can be used with assembly lines for glue application. Many large factories will use this way to dispensing soles, because of its high speed and no need for manual auxiliary production, so large factories need to use automation. Yes, although the shoe spraying machine needs manual aided dispensing, the effect of shoe sole dispensing is good, but the production speed is slightly slower, need manual assistance, the production effect is the same.

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