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Can the spray dispenser with micro-control technology be rea

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Micro-control technology is not a dispensing technology that can be realized by general dispensing equipment. At present, only a few dispensing machines can be named as micro-control technology. They are jet dispensing machine and visual automatic dispensing machine respectively. How to match dispensing accessories with other dispensing machines, it is difficult to meet the requirements of micro-control. Micro-control technology should be realized by painting hardware ornaments. Visual dispensing machine is recommended.
Jet dispenser
视觉xf881娱乐手机版 The spray dispensing machine with the spray dispensing valve can realize the spray painting process in the micro-control technology, and the dispensing accuracy can reach 0.001 mm. The spray dispensing valve used in the spray dispensing machine is related to the use of high-pressure spraying technology. Of course, there are requirements for glue. Only when the dilute viscosity of glue reaches a certain level can it realize spraying. It is similar to paint, grease, ink and so on. Low-viscosity glue will meet the requirements of spray dispensing machine. The general viscosity is less than 5000 cps. It has more advantages for realizing micro-control glue technology, so it is necessary to use it. It meets the requirements of hardware identification, painting and spraying technology. Spraying dispensing valves and spraying dispensing valves are the same type of rubber valves, but they have different appearance and work in the same way.
桌面式喷射点胶机 The micro-control technology of visual AB automatic dispensing machine is superior to that of jet dispensing machine. In addition to using spray dispensing valve, it is equipped with CCD visual control device. The visual AB automatic dispensing machine can realize spray technology and micro-control technology. Because of the small volume and large quantity of hardware ornaments, each hardware ornament is sorted once, which wastes time and manpower. Visual AB glue dispenser with CCD visual control device can automatically identify the location of hardware ornaments to be painted. There is no need for hardware ornaments sorting, but also can be painted on hardware ornaments, and spray paint in the combination of micro-control glue technology and visual positioning technology. This is the dispensing effect of the visual automatic dispensing machine.
视觉xf881娱乐手机版 Micro-control glue dispensing technology is also jet dispensing machine and visual dispensing machine, other types of dispensing equipment or lack of some temperature, if you need hardware recognition paint, or recommend your visual AB automatic dispensing machine, whether in spray painting process or production speed, will make you satisfied.

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