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Standard desktop three-axis precision dispensing machine

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As the name implies, glue is applied on the product. What is the effect of glue on the product? There are bonding, sealing, protection, heat conduction, impact protection, corrosion protection and so on. The glue coating function is very much. Now the glue dispensing industry is also a relatively popular industry, especially the development of automation technology. More and more manufacturers choose precision dispensing machine and jet dispensing machine for glue coating.
Relay dispensing
涂胶机 Relay dispensing can ensure that the electronic components can be fixed on the plastic, and will not lead to short-circuit problems, increase product structure, reduce production costs, third, product life is longer, fourth, prevent the occurrence of line problems and so on. This is the gluing effect, after dispensing the relay can be placed. When used in various environments, relay failures will not occur, which is relay dispensing.
Buzzer dispensing
The interior of the buzzer is to make sound by the horn. The horn is a combination of voice coil and sound film. The sound source is generated by vibration. If there is no dispensing, the voice coil can not be fixed on the sound film. The buzzer can not make corresponding sound. After coating, it can not only make sound, but also enhance the sound color. This is the role of gluing.
蜂鸣器点胶 What is glue coating is to align products with precision dispensing machine. This is glue coating. Now manual dispensing method is very few, although it can be used, but the dispensing accuracy is poor, which easily leads to product problems. For example, in buzzer dispensing, voice coil dispensing only needs 1 mm glue, but manual dispensing is difficult to control this together. If the volume of glue is too large, the timbre of voice coil will change. If the product is expensive, it can not be satisfied at all. It can only be completed by using precise dispensing machine or jet dispensing machine.
What is glue coating is to use precision dispensing machine for relay dispensing, spray dispensing machine for buzzer dispensing, what is the role of glue coating, to ensure product quality and meet customer requirements.

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