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How to choose high quality silica gel water?

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How to choose silica gel can improve the quality of products. Although it is called silica gel, there are some differences in nature. Choosing silica gel that meets the requirements according to these differences can improve the quality of products. Just like choosing the type of dispensing, dispensing technology is needed and dispensing technology is chosen instead of gelling. There is a distinction.
Choosing the way of silica gel
导热硅胶 Coil dispensing machine for coil dispensing needs to use silica gel coating technology. Which kind of silica gel is more in line with the production requirements? First of all, we need to analyze the application industry, where the coil is mainly used and what impact it will suffer. According to the choice of silica gel, the service life of the coil will be longer after dispensing. Generally, the choice of glue is the same. According to the industry requirements, matching the corresponding glue, now we know how to choose silica gel. Do you?
Type of dispensing
硅脂 Selection of dispensing types, there are many dispensing methods, including gluing, sealing, gluing, gluing, gluing and so on, gluing shows a large amount of glue, gluing means coating on the surface of the product, gluing performance in product bonding, different terms will have different effects, such as: coil dispensing machine for coil dispensing, for out. There is a requirement for the amount of glue, so it can't be glued. It needs to be coated on it, just past the coil, to prevent external factors from affecting the internal products.
Types of dispensing equipment
硅胶点胶机 Coil dispensing machine belongs to a common type of automatic dispensing machine, because it is often used in coil dispensing, so it is called coil dispensing machine. In fact, the name of automatic dispensing machine is the same, such as battery dispensing machine, silica gel dispensing machine, epoxy resin dispensing machine, double-liquid dispensing machine, etc., are based on glue or glue. The application of industry naming, so that customers who do not understand the dispensing industry quickly and early conform to the dispensing equipment.
Because we belong to the automatic dispensing machine manufacturer, do not know the glue type very well, can only do some choosing silica gel tips, if you need to coat silica gel, we can also help you contact the glue manufacturer, to provide you with the corresponding glue type, so we are a very comprehensive service manufacturer, dispensing type diversification, meet. Glue coating tasks in various industries.

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