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Desktop automatic hot melt glue dispensing machine for table

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The use of hot melt glue in the dispensing of tablet computer frame can play a waterproof and sealing role, and the hot melt glue has a good adhesion, which prevents the computer from heating, leading to glue melting and cracking, which directly leads to the quality problems of tablet computer, and has a direct impact on the product brand. The automatic hot melt glue dispensing machine has been used in the dispensing of tablet computer frame. It's not the first time, it's not the last time.
Tablet dispensing
平板电脑边框点胶 Tablet computers need hot melt glue dispensing not only in the border, but also in the back cover of batteries. Now the market is demanding more and more for the use of computers, not only in terms of configuration, but also in terms of external and quality requirements, such as glue requirements, external gloss, color design and so on. Keyboard design and so on, are very high requirements, the general type of computer, basically few people choose.
Use hot melt adhesive for dispensing
热熔胶点胶机 As an automatic hot melt glue dispensing machine used in tablet computer frame dispensing, Xiaobian analyzed this automatic dispensing machine, its accessories and dispensing effect, automatic hot melt glue dispensing machine matched with temperature heating device and hot melt glue dispensing valve, and hot melt glue dispensing needle barrel and stainless steel dispensing needle on hot melt glue dispensing valve. The hot melt glue can be melted by placing the melt particles in the high temperature dispensing syringe and heating the dispensing valve with a temperature heating device. Because the demand for dispensing glue in the border of tablet computer is not high, the 30cc dispensing syringe can be used for a very long time. The dispensing accuracy can be controlled by dispensing needle and the glue overflow can be prevented.
Hot melt glue type
Hot melt adhesive type should also be selected, can not use hot melt adhesive package, the need to use pur hot melt adhesive, this is used for the electronics industry hot melt adhesive type, packaging hot melt adhesive is mainly applied to carton or perfume bottles, glue type is different, can achieve the same effect, sealing hot melt adhesive and pur hot-melt adhesive area. In addition, the latter uses vacuum packaging, good adhesion, aging resistance and high temperature resistance, belongs to a relatively clean hot-melt adhesive, while the production cost of sealing hot-melt adhesive is lower, the effect is worse, tablet computer frame dispensing, or the use of PUR hot-melt adhesive is dominant.
Temperature heating device not only can control temperature, but also can provide air pressure and multi-purpose machine, which makes complex production more convenient and simple and effective. This is the function of automatic hot melt glue machine. In fact, the parts of hot melt glue machine are no different from those of automatic dispensing machine, but there is an additional function of constant temperature and heating. It can realize melting and dispensing of hot melt adhesives, dispensing of tablet computer frame, generally using double-position automatic hot melt adhesives machine, while placing products, while dispensing.

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