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How to get rid of the channel crisis of automatic dispensing

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Automatic dispensing machine equipped with a lot of high-tech, for example: CCD vision system, LCD touch screen, the central computer system, which is now the most advanced technology, this is a large dispensing area advantage, can install many accessories, all can improve the accuracy of automatic dispensing machine and production rate. For a variety of industry.
Multi axis automatic dispensing machine
There's good is bad, because the automatic dispensing machine is a large dispensing equipment, the price will be increased, so sales is far less than the ordinary automatic dispensing machine, the need to solve the embarrassing situation, find a way out for large dispensing machine.
Multi head automatic dispensing machine
The relatively large dispenser can be used only in the industry, other dispensing with ordinary automatic dispensing machine is similar, so small and medium-sized enterprises to choose the dispensing machine use ordinary types, these types of companies can not use automatic dispensing machine functions so the purchase is just a waste of cost, need to produce and dispensing machine the general automatic dispensing machine is not the same, to be able to get rid of the crisis of sales channels.
In addition to the face of small and medium-sized enterprises and large enterprises, automatic dispensing machine can be used in these large enterprises, because large enterprises need to produce more, so the need for many types of automatic dispensing machine, if large dispenser can replace these dispensing machine, the channel problem will be improved, but also may have big sales increase.
Desktop automatic dispensing machine
Now China Machinery Co., Ltd. has begun to provide high-quality dispensing equipment for large enterprises, which is affirmed in the middle machinery, in fact, the best way to get rid of the channel crisis is to improve the dispensing technology of automatic dispensing machine.

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