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Do Shenzhen manufacturers have a double Y shaft multi axis g

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Shenzhen is an important industrial development zone of our country, great demand for electronic products, and the quality of the electronic products to the high requirements, industrial area of Shenzhen Huaqiang North business district is the electronic communications industry, as Chinese electronic first street, in the national electronic industry fasting, will drive the progress of dispensing equipment industry. The multi axis glue dispenser is mainly responsible for the dispensing work of various industrial production industries.
Multi axis double liquid automatic glue dispenser
Double Y axis dispensing machine has two working range, can work for two one-way dispensing of electronic components, realize the work mode of dispensing hoist, compared with general single station dispensing machine work more efficiently, to ensure the stability and accuracy of the dispensing work, by adding the dispensing head to achieve the double station at the same time dispensing, to further enhance the work efficiency, ensure the possibility of long time dispensing work by three-phase stepper motor, whether it is work or work efficiency stability can simultaneously guarantee.
Automatic glue dispenser for single station hot melt adhesive
Shenzhen City Business Automation Co. Ltd. in dispensing equipment industry has many years of experience, the different functions of the dispenser's research and development applicable to all kinds of different industrial fields, whether it is the production of electronic components industry or LCD field lines can perform a variety of high quality dispensing work, double station under multi axis dispensing function to help users achieve high efficiency of dispensing work. As a multi axis dispensing machine manufacturer, Shenzhen middle automation has always been adhering to the 4 development concept, and actively developing various multifunctional dispensing equipment, which is closely related to the concept of intelligent automation produced by our country.
Three axis automatic dispensing machine
At present, the application of multi axis dispensing machine is very broad. Besides being used in dispensing of electronic parts, liquid crystal dispensing is also the main application area of this dispensing equipment, which can help consumers get profits faster.

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