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The non-contact automatic glue dispenser is used in what ind

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The non-contact dispensing is a special dispensing mode, in this way can help users achieve high capacity dispensing work, glue coating distribution large area is its work characteristics, and can make the glue used to maximize the effect, so that the consumption of production cost to maximize the effect, more major industry application oriented. Here are some examples of the application.
Large non-contact automatic glue dispenser
Large anti-theft door has been widely used in many families, including the manufacturing sectors need to be applied to non-contact type automatic dispensing machine can complete the production of the complete object, because of non contact type automatic dispensing machine is the glue spray treatment after coating, so a single work can help the large area coating work, security a production line to better complete the production work, the practicability and effect of objects have been improved, but can be used in anti-theft door can also be applied to all kinds of steel and plastic insulation aluminum dispensing work, is this kind of large furniture production, the main auxiliary tool.
Three axis automatic glue dispenser
The flexible circuit board is very important in the electronics industry for the production of objects, because the product has low hardness, easy because the contact methods affect the normal use, it will usually use the non-contact dispensing point of the flexible circuit board, this special dispensing mode without the need to perform the Z axis moving back and forth, avoiding contact dispensing needle scratch the finished product objects, through the automatic dispensing system can achieve precise control of spraying quantity, ensure the quality of the finished product and the best effect of flexible circuit board.
Large non-contact automatic glue dispenser
The non-contact automatic dispensing machine is widely applied and has more advantages in practical applications. Therefore, the development trend of non-contact dispensing will be irresistible.

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