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The spray will affect the butt bonding effect:

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Large automatic glue dispensing machine using glue will stick butt effect will be affected, but this is the promotion effect, but not the direction of influence, so the use of spray mode is very beneficial for bonding. The injection valve is the latest research achievements of the dispensing industry, can put the glue volume control in 0.005mm, the basic industry need dispensing accuracy can be reached, the use of spray to enhance effect on product quality.
In the era of development, the electronics industry and the mobile phone industry is also developing, dispensing machines also need development, development is the development of precision dispensing machine, no dispensing level accuracy basically no industry, general industry or the use of manual dispensing, or use automatic glue dispensing, the use of automatic dispensing machine industry is on
Large automatic dispensing machine spraying technology is one of the best dispensing technology now, using spray technology for bonding what benefits are, as the name suggests is the glue without touching the product to product dispensing, so you can not scratch products, can reduce the occurrence rate of adverse products.
The solidification time of glue will affect the bonding effect, depends on the effect of large automatic glue dispensing glue in time, appropriate amount of glue, the solidification time is relatively fixed, the glue is controlled within the estimated range, so it can determine the bonding effect, if the glue can not control in a range of bonding time not sure, so the effect will be relatively large, the next work will affect.
Large automatic glue dispensing machine using spray technology is well controlled and will have a good effect for the benefits of bonding and control effect, but not in the ideal range, which will not affect.

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