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At present, the market of the glue dispenser is mixed, how t

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The rapid development of dispensing machine is usually ten years, now foreign technology is already mature, at present, some domestic brand dispensing machine do not worse than the foreign brands, such as some business customers have done contrast, whether the precision dispensing machine or stability can match foreign dispensing machine. At present, the market of dispensing machine is rather chaotic in China. How to choose it is not clear to users. How to choose a jet dispenser? How to choose a dispenser manufacturer?
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The first is: to choose a real manufacturer, not what kind of equipment will be the production of the manufacturers, only professional manufacturers, in order to give the user to recommend the most suitable for the use of equipment, in the course of the purchase cost relative to the market may be expensive, but this kind of factory wasn't just selling equipment so simple also, their professional knowledge, to the late in the actual production can be best reflected.
Second: to put their products need to tell manufacturers still need to use glue properties, thus dispensing machine manufacturers can according to your requirements for you to select the most appropriate equipment. If you buy not used equipment, that is a huge loss for your products.
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Third: to see whether the user can product differentiation, so users of the products and production processes varied, for different products can have the equipment and the general matching, such as system quantitative dispensing machine, high precision dispensing machine, circular goods dispensing machine, screw dispenser accessories general public. Dispensing machine, desktop type three axis machine, glue dispensing machine, silicone dispensing machine and so on a variety of models for rubber equipment, different for different properties such as glue: hot melt adhesive using hot melt glue dispensing machine, using silica gel silica gel dispenser, anaerobic adhesive using anaerobic adhesive dispensing machine etc..

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