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Can the application of the desktop automatic glue dispenser

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Desktop automatic dispensing machine can be called the desktop automatic glue machine, the general model is relatively small, suitable for small volume of products. Desktop automatic dispensing machine has wide application scope. Desktop automatic dispensing machine can be used in power switches, loudspeakers, LED, electronic parts and other products. So do you use a desktop automatic dispensing machine to improve the quality of the glue in these industries?
A part of the desktop automatic dispensing machine is equipped with two glue valves, which can work at the same time, and the efficiency of the glue is high. Moreover, the operation of the desktop dispenser is relatively simple. Although a dispenser needs a staff to replace the product operation, the dispensing efficiency of a dispenser is several times higher than the dispensing efficiency of a dispenser. Although the tabletop automatic dispenser can improve the quality of the glue, it will affect the quality of the glue when the glue is done.
The distance between the working table and the dispensing needle is incorrect. When the dispensing is working, it will easily damage the dispensing needle and affect the accuracy of dispensing. It will also cause some effects on the quality of the product, and the back pressure and pressure of the dispensing are too large. If the back pressure and pressure of the desktop dispenser are too large, it will cause too much glue overflow and affect the dispensing effect, which will also cause some impact on dispensing.
The selected glue needles are not suitable for the glue used, which results in the solidification of the glue in the needles and the effect of the glue. So before using the dispenser, it is better to adjust the dispensing parameters accurately, avoiding the problem of desktop automatic dispensing machine in the process of dispensing, ensuring the quality of dispensing.

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