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How on the technical technology of the desktop automatic glu

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Desktop automatic dispensing process with the manufacturers of production process and work attitude has a great relationship, have a good job in parts without a good working attitude, dispensing machine will appear a lot of problems in the glue dispensing process, many of the performance can not be achieved, regardless of the production of desktop automatic dispensing machine high-end machines, or ordinary dispensing dispensing technology can not improve, even less.
There is relationship between accessories and production technology of automatic dispensing process with the use of the desktop type automatic dispensing machine is the most advanced technology to create, use stainless steel effect of anodized shell and double guide rail is arranged on the guide rail of the X axis, so that movement of the shaft is more stable, the direct use of Z axis a clamp is fixed, the emergence of the problem will not be easily moved automatically.
The treatment on the surface of the parts, or auxiliary accessories are also very important, such as: precision controller desktop automatic dispensing machine, glue dispensing machine and help control pressure, how much weight can be very good control within the required range, dispensing effect will produce the desired effect, these are used in the industry the core technology of dispensing technology to meet the need, according to the needs of each dispensing industry.
Each quality accessories together, technology desktop automatic dispensing machine reached the highest effect, which can improve the precision of dispensing and dispensing, dispensing process for large dispensing why so high, is the use of accessories are top equipment, and install more accessories, have so many technology you can use the.
The desktop automatic dispensing machine can meet the dispensing requirements of the FPC board. It belongs to a good dispensing equipment, at least the accuracy can reach 0.01ml. It can also be seen that the effect of glue control is very good.

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