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What accessories can be used to reduce the problem of the de

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Desktop automatic glue machine is a kind of glue machine type, the general desktop type of glue machine model is relatively small, it is more convenient to place. Desktop automatic dispensing machine is widely used in many industries, such as power switches, speakers, cell phone buttons, LED and other products can be used to desktop automatic dispensing machine. But there are some problems in the use of the glue dispenser, so can it be possible to reduce the problem of a desktop automatic dispenser by using accessories?
In general, the desktop dispenser is made up of some parts, such as control system, glue pressure bucket, spot glue valve or dot glue needle cylinder, spot glue needle and other parts. The glue dispenser is based on the control system, and the control system is the core component of the tabletop glue dispenser. Although the use of control of the glue dispensing efficiency is high, but in use is not easy to control, easy deviation affect the dispensing quality, in order to facilitate the control, desktop dispensing machine is equipped with LCD touch screen, the power to open, the staff can debug the dispensing parameters manually.
In dispensing work, desktop type automatic dispensing machine takes a long time, but in the process, these parts will have friction, with the longer time, these parts can be easily damaged, will not only affect the dispensing dispensing comfort will cause some impact on the desktop dispensing machine itself. Therefore, the desktop automatic dispensing machine is specially made of mixed metal for those parts that are often active. But it needs regular butter and oil for these parts, so as to keep the degree of lubrication of dispensing machine, avoid the damage of dispensing machine when it is in use, and affect the dispensing work. xf881娱乐手机版

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