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What are the factors that affect the quality of the tabletop

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Desktop automatic dispensing machine is widely used in electronic parts, mobile phone keys, technology, lighting components and other industries, the use of dispensing machine in these industries can improve production, but in use is prone to leakage phenomenon such as glue, glue dispensing work drawing influence factors, then affect the quality of desktop dispensing with those who do?
1. The quality of the glue used is not good
If the quality of the glue is not good, the impurities in the glue will easily block the dispensing needle or the dispensing valve during the dispensing process, which will not only affect the quantity of glue, but also affect the quality of the product. If the quality of glue is not good during the dispensing process, the glue can be poured out first, and then the rinsing of the dispensing pressure pail and the dispensing valve should be cleaned before replacing the glue so as to avoid the change of glue and residual glue and the solidification phenomenon and the dispensing work.
2, the distance debugging of the product and the needling needle is wrong
When using the same dispenser to glue different products, many workers will not adjust the distance between the product and the needle, resulting in the damage of the dispensing needle and the product appearance. So before replacing the product with glue, the distance between the needle and the product should be debugged to avoid the needle scraping and the precision of the glue.
3. The selected needles are not suitable for the glue used.
Because the desktop automatic dispensing machine is suitable for many industries, and the glue used in every industry is different, some glue has relatively high viscosity, and the glue will be relatively small. On the contrary, some glue has relatively low viscosity, and the glue point is larger. But it is possible to use needles with different sizes of inner strength to do the glue work.

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