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Common problems of automatic glue dispenser

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Automatic dispensing machine is a kind of many species in the dispenser, the dispensing device is a high precision automatic dispensing equipment currently used in most application users dispensing equipment, then the market application of rapid widening at the same time, there are also a series of problems, such as: the effect of dispensing automatic dispensing machine is poor drawing, trailing, glue, uneven common problems, if these problems appear in the actual operation, the operator should be how to solve it?
First: needles: generally smaller needles than 20 may have air problems - drip or drooping. Try to use a large metal needle or cone oblique needle, avoid the use of Teflon or around the needle s specifications; second: automatic dispensing velocity is too slow: if the velocity is too slow the line from 1/4 "to 3/8". Pipeline should be shorter and better if there is no need. In addition to the tube, the rubber mouth and air pressure should be changed so that the flow rate is completely accelerated. Third: bubbles in the fluid: it is possible to infiltrate the air into the liquid if the excess fluid pressure is too short to open the valve. The solution is to reduce the pressure of the fluid and use a conical oblique needle.
Fourth: epoxy resin (expoxy) cleaning: possible every Shift with storage pressure cylinder general toluene solvent automatic cleaning time, cleaning more often better; fifth: automatic dispensing glue size inconsistency: glue. When the main fluid pressure cylinder or air pressure storage stable generated. The intake pressure regulator shall be set to 10 to 15psi lower than the lowest pressure in the plant. The pressure of the pressure cylinder should be between the middle pressure of the regulator and the low pressure part of the pressure gauge should be avoided. The rubber valve control pressure should be at least 60psi above to ensure the stability of the glue.
The above is a common problem of the automatic dispensing machine. During operation, operators need to know some of the above problems and avoid or reduce many problems.

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