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Why the emblem is coated with a spray type dispenser

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In the production of colored badges can be carried out through a dispenser, dispensing machine supports a variety of properties of glue, color glue after the badge external more uniform light, so the badge dispensing essential, the practical application of the production line using the large jet dispensing machine coated with badge more advantages, why need to use spray coated link badge dispenser?
Use a jet dispensing glue coating effect more fully and more comprehensive, and prevent the link needle scratch badge dispensing metal surface, the use of large jet dispensing function to enhance product quality and efficiency of the glue dispensing, large working platform for simultaneous dispensing of a plurality of badges, reduce the feeding and feeding frequency. To enhance the efficiency and quality of production, and can reduce production steps in common glue drawing and other problems, the long-term implementation of small effect spray work precision, support a variety of fluid dispensing applications, according to the actual needs of the jet dispensing machine loading and heating system to meet the more comprehensive production industry.
Injection valve jet dispensing machine is used for processing the glue flow effect, through atomizing glue can make a spray coating, applied to the production in full uniform badge effect, enhance the overall value of the badge, high performance spray valve to facilitate the operator to produce the adhesive for precise control, to ensure that any out glue the excessive amount of influence the production quality of the badge.
The application range of jet dispensing machine is very extensive. It is mainly applied to many kinds of high-precision automatic dispensing links, such as the field of chip packaging and the large area of product bonding, which is highly dependent on the ejector dispenser.

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