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Generation and solution of bubble in automatic dispensing ma

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Automatic dispensing machine is milepost dispensing industry, from the beginning of the manual to automatic dispensing machine now, this is a historic step, dispensing the pace of the industry a big step forward, automatic dispensing machine from the beginning to now has a history of several decades, dispensing technology has made great progress, the emergence of the market a lot of new dispensing equipment, for example: three axis automatic dispensing machine, precision automatic dispensing machine etc..
Automatic dispensing machine
Mechanical equipment in the production or processing, sometimes there will be some problems, like people appear to have a fever, of course, automatic dispensing machine will not have a fever, but the fever and the bubble problem, the temperature reached 40 degrees dispensing machine can not work, the need for lower temperature treatment, generally does not appear to about 40 degrees the temperature, the bubble is often the problem of automatic dispensing.
The bubble is generally in the replacement hose or replace glue, most likely to enter the air, air bubbles and small bubbles in the glue, to glue in the dispensing process will be affected, the phenomenon caused by uneven glue, need to deal with these bubbles.
Desktop automatic dispensing machine
After years of understanding found two good solution glue bubble method, need to understand the automatic dispensing machine before the bubble causes, it can reduce the processing steps, if it is only need to enter from the hose, internal glue evacuation, namely, if the son is in high speed to rubber cylinder stirring, using centrifugal force to eliminate air bubbles.
These two methods are long time work method, whether for automatic dispensing machine, or other types of dispensing machine is more useful, and the operation method is relatively simple.
Desktop automatic dispensing machine

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