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The production process of the product determines the quality and value of coating dispensing is an important technology in the production process of products, mainly used in the bonding between products or enhance the product's appearance, coating dispensing products applied to the needs of high performance large jet type automatic dispensing machine can fully filled in dispensing, there are some important issues worthy of attention the coating dispensing process, operators need to clear the operation of large dispensing machine details can be adjusted to avoid affecting the quality and efficiency of coating glue.
Glue quality is an important factor affecting the jet type automatic dispensing machine coating dispensing quality, high viscosity glue is mainly applied to strengthen the bonding strength between products, if necessary products have a high strength adhesive effect, should be strengthened to strengthen the cohesive glue bonding strength between products, it is worth noting that to avoid the existence of bubbles in the glue the bubble may be the glue, glue quality problem may also be caused by uneven mixing, glue fully and evenly stirring to maximize the removal of gas bubbles in the glue.
An application of dispenser dispensing glue coated link valve, the operator of the large volume of the plastic dispenser control effect needs to be applied to jet dispensing valve, dispensing valve can real-time control the quantity of cement to meet the requirements of the product coated glue, glue the quantitative control of the value of the products has been further improved, so regular maintenance check dispensing valve is a necessary work.
Badges were coated adhesive is in order to enhance the appearance of the surface effect, in order to enhance the quality and efficiency of dispensing badge coating, the coating can be carried out through the dispensing large jet dispensing machine, large jet dispensing machine badge coating effect more fully evenly, avoid contact dispensing and scratching the surface of metal badge.

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