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Solution to common problems in dispensing process of automat

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According to the actual situation, the automation equipment will become the development trend of the future, no matter what the industry is facing in the mode of production automation, dispensing industry, automatic dispensing machine provides the possibility of automatic dispensing work for most manufacturers, the market share of more than and automation equipment status, powerful, sometimes there may be some problems in the dispensing process, the user through the understanding of these issues and solutions can effectively achieve high quality dispensing work.
Three axis automatic dispensing machine
The drawing has been dispensing often referred to the problems in the industry, mainly because of the high viscosity glue caused by high viscosity glue when it is attached to the dispensing needle in after dispensing glue, drawing problems pull back when the drawing is the most direct impact on the joint effect is poor, by reducing the viscosity of glue can effectively solve the glue the drawing of the problem, can increase automatic dispensing machine to pull off efforts to instant glue, which can solve the problem of drawing, automatic dispensing machine too easy to pull back force dispensing arm impact, how to choose the user needs careful consideration.
Automatic three axle dispensing machine
The function of automatic dispensing glue very much, either red glue glue or glue are applicable, common bubbles is the dispensing process problems, in order to enable the automatic dispensing machine stability is not a problem, is to try to avoid glue bubbles, because glue bubbles will affect the viscosity and the effect of docking, with automatic dispensing machine the glue mixing function, will glue into after the use of automatic mixing function is fully stirred can solve the problem of bubble glue.
There are many factors that affect the automatic glue dispensing process, in addition to the common problem of drawing and bubble, direct factors also affect the stability of the effect of dispensing, such as dispensing parameters and working environment will affect the dispensing process.
Three dimensional automatic dispensing machine

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