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What kind of dispensing method can avoid the problem of glue

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The problem is drawing process problems in dispensing operators for a long time, because it is caused by the high viscosity glue, effectively avoid the problem by drawing glue glue viscosity can reduce the effect of glue, butt will affect the drawing object, and the influence of the neat appearance of dispensing objects. Some things must use high viscosity glue dispensing, and to avoid the problem of glue drawing, you can solve these problems by changing dispensing way.
Jet dispensing machine
Non contact type automatic dispensing machine is a special equipment for dispensing work, different from the traditional contact methods is that the non-contact dispensing glue is work through special treatment, after the treatment of glue injection valve through a spray dispensing area, make objects more evenly, it will not affect the object the effect of adhesive butt, is a high practical dispensing mode. Non contact automatic dispensing machine does not need to use dispensing needle for contact dispensing of objects, so it will not be due to the viscosity of the glue problems and wire drawing problems.
Three axis jet dispensing machine
Non contact type automatic dispensing machine can avoid scratching the surface of the object to achieve complete dispensing, dispensing objects, some soft objects easily scratched due to contact dispensing, some even affect the object use effect, so the non-contact dispensing can help users achieve complete object so that the object of the coating dispensing work the product use effect will not be affected by the spray without moving back and forth to carry out the Z axis, dispensing work time a lot of help save consumers.
In some large object production links, dispensing is a more important work to complete the work of glue coated large objects by non-contact automatic dispensing function, not only the uniform distribution and docking effect, is a dispensing equipment high availability.
Non contact automatic dispensing machine

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