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Whether the large automatic glue dispenser is suitable for t

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Large automatic dispensing machine is a function of a relatively complete equipment, the application of industry is very much, for example: mobile phone touch screen dispensing, dispensing, dispensing, FCP camera module fingerprint unlocking device dispensing and so on, are used for high precision industry, System Automation Company Limited (referred to as the "main) is applied to the mobile phone touch screen dispensing in the industry, also known as mobile phone touch screen.
The mobile phone touchscreen dispensing machine is mainly used for dispensing the frame of the display screen, and the hot melt adhesive is needed. The effect of other types of glue after curing is quite different from that of hot melt adhesive, and the effect is not up to date. The large automatic glue dispenser is able to glue on the touch screen of the mobile phone, and of course it can use hot melt adhesive, which is the necessary effect.
The use of hot melt adhesive needs high temperature heating. The heating temperature should be at least 150 degrees. After high temperature heating, the effect of hot-melt adhesive will get better. It will have a better effect on the touchscreen frame of mobile phone. In order to be able to use hot heaters installed in the dispensing valve dispensing machine on the touch screen mobile phone, so it can be added to the temperature of melting of 150 degrees, the need for high temperature treatment, dispensing valve materials also need to use, otherwise there will be the problem of high temperature dissolution.
Large automatic dispensing machine is specially adapted, so that it can meet the special requirements of mobile phone industry. The choice of dispensing quality products is to improve the speed of production and technology, large-scale automatic dispenser for dispensing of mobile phone touch screen frame with this function, the basic can meet the mobile phone industry.

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