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In addition to the large automatic glue dispenser, there are

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There are a lot of mobile phone parts need dispensing, dispensing the requirements of each site will have some different dispensing equipment use different or the same station using different dispensing machine, there are such things to happen, because the domestic dispensing type are many, the name is optional, so different dispensing machines have the same function not necessarily.
Mobile phone touch screen frame can use large automatic dispensing glue dispensing machine, also can use desktop dispensing type visual automatic dispensing machine, although it is two kinds of different types of dispensing equipment, but have high precision dispensing function and fast dispensing technology, which is the mobile phone touch screen dispensing machine be not at all surprising, is the large-scale automatic dispensing machine.
The domestic market is mostly the dispensing equipment, some dispenser are directly to the application of industry name, mobile phone touch screen dispensing machine is one of them, which is to be able to let the customer to accurately find a suitable enterprise dispensing equipment, enterprises can save time, but also allow companies to quickly increase production efficiency.
Mobile phone is not only a mobile phone screen frame glue dispensing, or mobile phone keys and mobile phone power access ports inside the mobile phone parts also need to use the dispenser for dispensing, many industries are required to use the dispenser, large and small industries need dispensing machines, different cases such as large automatic dispensing machine is not used for ball bubble gum dispensing equipment can be used, which is the industry production has been determined.
The handset screen glue machine is one of the most important equipment used in the intelligent communication industry. It has good glue function and suitable for high precision glue.

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