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What is the advantage of using the automatic glue dispensing

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Many dispensing equipment produced in large automatic dispensing machine, performance is the best one, with many other dispensing machine without the dispensing technology and speed, large automatic dispensing machine can perform high precision dispensing tasks, but also to control the amount of glue all how much point, although the large automatic dispensing machine price more expensive than dispensing equipment in general, but the price is still relatively large.
Mobile phone TP large automatic glue dispensing, according to this case can get large dispensing accuracy, general production in the mobile phone industry, the accuracy is very high, because each mobile phone can have some glue not overflow, so the control error can not be each glue amount beyond 0.01ml large enough, it can automatic dispensing machine do this error, an accuracy advantage.
This is the advantage of dispensing speed, automatic dispensing machine such as: mobile phone TP for dispensing, dispensing accuracy, speed is not a product, everything takes a minute or more, can produce many units where every mobile phone, the speed of production cannot meet to the demand of the market, what use what is the use of dispensing machine for production.
These are in dispensing the advantage and the advantage of mechanical dispenser, for example: in the mobile phone TP requires the use of hot melt glue, mobile phone keys need silicone, two kinds of glue, need to replace the rubber hose, but there are a lot of hot melt adhesive will affect the quality of silica gel, if the use of manual cleaning need more time, and large automatic dispensing machine and automatic cleaning function, can solve the problem of glue residue.
These are the advantages of the large automatic glue dispenser, and it is also an important factor for the mobile TP to choose the large automatic glue dispenser.

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