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Attention should be paid to the use of hot melt adhesive for

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Mobile phone TP dispensing large automatic dispensing machine in addition to precision and speed, but also be able to use the hot melt adhesive, because mobile phone TP requires the use of hot melt glue dispensing machine, the general can use hot melt, but the precision with mobile phone industry needs a huge difference, just choose the large self point glue machine for production equipment.
Hot melt adhesive is a special glue glue, generally at room temperature can be directly dispensing work, the need for heating and hot melts reached a certain problem to be able to play there glue performance, using hot melt glue need heating device, you need to pay attention to in the process of using anti scald.
However, the use of hot melt requires special for large-scale automatic dispenser dispensing valve and hose, the materials are converted into high temperature resistant material, so as to avoid heating caused by high temperature melting materials, these are the need to pay attention to the use of the problem, but also do the cooling process, prevent the mobile phone by high temperature hot melt burn.
Mobile phone TP choose to use large dispensing automatic dispensing machine is to have certain sense, because of the use of the dispensing devices only need for mechanical operation, so in accordance with the provisions of the basic operation does not occur glue scald accident, as long as the operation of more major automatic dispensing machine is good. At present, the use of hot melt adhesives is zero, and in accordance with the proper operation, these problems will not occur.
Mobile phone TP glue large automatic dispensing machine is a very correct choice, either performance or dispensing, dispensing problems, is very good, almost no maintenance of large automatic dispensing machine, the large automatic dispensing machine is very suitable for the mobile phone industry dispensing.

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