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Common problems of automatic dispensing machine

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Automatic dispensing machine daily production process if the adverse operation will cause some dispensing problems, these issues will affect the production quality, to prevent the occurrence of these problems in the production process, in fact, these problems are the most common dispensing problems, as long as the understanding of the problem to be solved, we can solve these problems very well use, regular maintenance staff to check and modify so you can get better together, not just the opposite.
Automatic dispensing machine
The most problem of dispensing is wire drawing, and it is also the most difficult to solve. Difficult to solve is not really difficult, but the operation is more complex, need to do more steps, the first step is to re allocation of glue, second steps to empty hose glue, third step need to re adjust the intensity of pressure, a total of four steps, if other problems is the two basic steps to solve the problem of automatic dispensing dispensing.
Drawing is the most complicated problem, and the leakage is the most simple problems, leakage glue is sucked back with other dispensing needles to form reverse back pressure, the main reason of this is the glue leakage, only need to replace the automatic dispensing needles can solve this problem, a large number of dispensing needle replacement.
Automatic dispensing machine
Another problem is the uneven glue dispensing, this is a fatal point for automatic dispensing machine, has the same problem, the basic dispensing products to conduct a rework, the resulting cost will be relatively large, does not meet the production concept, it is a global problem caused by the gas hose, there this problem can be used two kinds of methods to solve, if the internal hose automatic dispensing machine, the need for evacuation if the hose, plastic tank automatic dispensing machine in need of glue mixing, the internal air, so as not to appear the problem of uneven glue.
Two position automatic dispensing machine

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