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What are the problems in the process of non contact automati

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Non contact type automatic dispensing machine package is also called encapsulation injection type automatic dispensing machine, only in the work process do not need access to the products will be able to complete the task package, in order to be able to intuitively understand that the dispenser equipment, so it is non-contact, non-contact in the packaging industry can let the enterprise obtain the dispensing machine several times the profit value, because of its fast speed dispensing.
Non contact automatic dispensing machine
The use of machinery and equipment have a certain period of time will not appear some problems, these problems to the dispensing machine maintenance is to have a great relationship, not to do maintenance, non-contact automatic dispensing machine will not appear some problems, these problems and precision dispensing good is easily reflected, because a little bit of error will make the unqualified products, so it is necessary to have a good production environment.
What is the problem of non contact automatic dispensing if there is no proper maintenance? In fact, these problems are easier to solve, just in the maintenance process is relatively cumbersome and complex, because the structure of the injection valve is tight, in the installation process, there may be some problems, so try to please some skilled master repair.
Three axis non contact automatic dispensing machine
The problem is easy to damage and vacuum bubble problem, and drawing, ordinary dispensing glue leakage problem is not happening, this is a non-contact automatic dispensing machine, but the above two problems for the package will have a lot of, in fact the vacuum broken will enter into the air, the two there is some relationship.
Only in the packaging process to protect the basic injection valve will not appear what problem, but need to pay attention to good non-contact automatic dispensing machine maintenance cycle, use for a long time without a maintenance cycle, automatic dispensing machine is very prone to problems.
Non contact automatic dispensing machine

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