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What are the common causes of glue blockage?

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There are many reasons for the blockage of glue. What causes usually? For example, automotive flash filler using two-component filler production, because of improper use of glue caused by the occurrence of plugging problems, this is not impossible, the use of dispensing equipment, we must pay attention to the production process, so that there will not be a variety of dispensing problems.
硅胶点胶阀 Reduce the glue problem to the advantage of production
Automobile flasher is glued with silicone rubber. What do you know about silicone rubber? As the saying goes, the first thing to know is what it does, the use of two-component automotive flash glue filling machine, production performance is more in line with the requirements, the role of organosilicon gel is also played to the extreme, glue blockage problem occurs rarely, but improper operation will also lead to easy blockage phenomenon Appear.
Causes of glue blockage
闪光器灌胶 How many kinds of problems causing glue blockage? First, glue residence time is too long, second, glue quality fails, third, air pressure and needle mismatch, etc., will cause glue blockage problems, the use of two-component glue filling machine generally only use mixed pipe for dispensing, glue output is large, can quickly complete the car flash filling task, this is in glue no After blockage, it can be done.
If you want silicone rubber to play the best role, the above three problems can not occur, so as to reduce the occurrence of glue blockage probability, the choice of high-quality glue filling machine for production can play a very big help, for example, now in the car flasher glue filling, choose dispensing machine for production, glue output is too small, will lead to The production time is lengthened, even if there is no problem, the production speed is very slow.

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