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What are the common glue bonding problems in the dispensing

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  In the automobile lamp dispensing link, more or less due to the use of organic silicone gel bubble, the operation of two-component glue filling machine is not the same way to cause glue bonding problems, then in the lamp dispensing link, what common glue bonding problems will appear?
Glue gluing problem in glue filling machine operation

  Silicone foam appears during dispensing.

  Bubbles in the glue dispensing process is a common glue bonding problem, if the two-component filler points out the silicone rubber with bubbles in the automotive lamp dispensing link, this will not only cause uneven glue bonding problems, but also affect the role of silicone rubber, automotive lamp dispensing. Bonding quality and final dispensing quality. And the causes of bubble problems are: when the two-component glue filler stirring silicone gel, because of the uneven stirring speed, direction and other problems will cause bubble problems, then when operating the two-component glue filler, it is best to set the stirring speed first to avoid bubble problems affecting the car lamp glue.
Organic silica gel

  Operation experience of two component filling machine is not enough.

  The operation mode of the two-component glue filling machine is also relatively simple, so the novice is easy to operate in the use of the process, but the novice in the operation of the two-component glue filling machine process, often due to lack of operational experience and lead to glue bonding problems, such as inaccurate positioning, dispensing uneven, leakage Air and other glue bonding problems, if there is air leakage in the dispensing process, easy to affect the glue properties, the role of silicone rubber will also cause some impact, in the lamp packaging links, will lead to the increase of defective products, so novice in the operation of two-component glue filling machine, it is best to have an employee in the side. Line guidance to ensure that the production of organic light silicone lamp quality.
Two component glue filling machine
  In the process of dispensing automobile glue adhesive problems are caused by reasons, so before using a two-component glue filling machine, first understand its operation mode for the subsequent lamp dispensing work is helpful.

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