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For small toys dispensing, which dispenser can be used will

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Which kind of dispensing equipment can be used for dispensing toys has a better dispensing effect. The medium-sized manufacturer has produced a dispensing machine specially for the dispensing industry. Each point is basically designed for dispensing toys. Targeted dispensing has a very good effect on dispensing effect, such as the suitable type of glue. Degree and so on.
Two toy dispensing methods
There are two ways for toy dispensing, manual dispensing and automatic dispensing. Manual dispensing uses manual dispensing gun, which is flexible and easy to become a preferred way for manufacturers. It can be applied to many types of toy dispensing. Using automation will simplify the production steps, speed up production efficiency, and can realize automatic production. Production mode, the two production methods for toy dispensing have a better effect, manual dispensing gun price will be lower, while the toy dispensing machine is higher, generally between 10,000 and 20,000.
大型玩具点胶机 Requirements for dispensing for toy production
In the toy industry, dispensing is not a precise industry. Generally, automatic dispensing equipment is enough to meet the requirements of toy dispensing. Toy dispensing machine belongs to a relatively simple three-axis dispensing machine. There is also a non-standard dispensing machine, which means customization. Although ordinary dispensing machine is also called automatic dispensing machine, it needs to place products manually. To be able to dispense glue, rather than standard, is the machine placed products, and then dispensing, the two will have a greater difference in price, performance is the same. The non-standard toy dispensing machine is not the same level as ordinary dispensing machine and manual dispensing gun.
How to choose dispensing equipment
全自动玩具点胶机 Selecting exclusive dispensing equipment is the best dispensing effect for the industry. Why produce toy dispensing machine is for toy dispensing, and there are many types of toys, but the machine platform can load a variety of mechanical platforms, according to a variety of moulds, the effect of toy dispensing machine will be better, different toys can also be. Enough to do the glue, the effect is full. If you are interested in this toy dispensing machine, you can call the hotline: 15766102171.

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