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Multiaxial dispensing machine is recommended for PVC filling

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PVC filling is a kind of technical work. The color of each PVC board is very many minutes. How can the machine be used to complete the filling requirements of PVC at one time? And there can be no dispensing problem, oh, this requirement is very high. Paint is generally used for filling, and paint is fluidity. Can dispensing machine with flexible needle meet the production requirements?
Requirements for filling of PVC
PVC填色 The neutral system recommends the use of multi-axis dispensing machine as a special technology for PVC filling. Let me introduce the performance of this multi-axis dispensing machine. This is not a general type of multi-axis dispensing machine. It is a visual multi-axis dispensing machine with visual dispensing system and sensing system. It has multiple dispensing valves, but also can complete high-precision dispensing function. PVC filling needs a variety of colors, while multi-axis dispensing machine rules. It can store different colours of paint in each dispensing valve. The place where the paint points are needed can be set in the program. This is different from the dispensing of eyeglass frames. A single glue can be used.
Advantages of Machinery Technology
PVC点胶 Glass frame dispensing does not need visual dispensing equipment, single dispensing technology, can use ordinary types of dispensing machine, such as ordinary automatic dispensing machine can also complete dispensing task, this type of dispensing can use flexible needle, low cost, and the choice of PVC filling is spray valve, do not need to use dispensing needle, use high pressure directly completed dispensing, technology upgrading can solve the problem. A lot of questions. At present, many industries use dispensing machine instead of manual production, and automatic production first, which belongs to the modern hot industry, we also have such production technology.
视觉xf881娱乐手机版 If you need PVC filling and glasses frame dispensing machine or flexible needle, you can come to our mid-system to buy, not only ready-made machines, but also customize the machine type suitable for your industry, multi-axis dispensing machine visual version needs to be customized, not generally will not produce the machine, if you have this demand, you can call the hotline 13662812001.

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