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Application of injection automatic dispensing machine in chi

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The packaging industry belongs to a large range, which already include many industries, this is to tell the enterprise can use to many industries, that jet automatic dispensing machine higherperformance, packaging using jet automatic dispensing machine is only in recent years began to pop, because this dispensing machine is new equipment, new technology to mature technology from now the time spent a lot, so in recent years gradually appeared in major markets.
Injection type numerical control automatic dispensing machine
To use the dispensing industry for basic precision is very important, especially in the package, because this is a package for a small chip, so it is necessary to use a jet automatic dispensing machine, it is with a large number of experiments show that this machine can control the glue dispensing within 0.005mm, and the injection valve not drawing problem, will not affect the chip package quality.
Large injection type automatic dispensing machine
Package jet type automatic dispensing machine in the market "popular", it is not able to wait for luck because the business is, according to the packaging technology selection dispenser, dispensing machine so that no technology cannot survive. Now the SMD package dispensing machine is generally used for chip and electronic industry, because of too many requirements for dispensing, automatic dispensing machine many are not in the two industry package.
The use of spray type package automatic dispensing machine will not cause damage to these products, automatic dispensing machine before use is to come into contact with the product, can or can not be accurately dispensing, dispensing, how to contact will be scratch products, many companies began to use a jet automatic dispensing machine is main equipment SMD package.
Visual automatic dispensing machine
The core of SMD package technology requires a high-quality dispensing equipment, so it can be used in chip and electronics industries, so as to complete the task of dispensing the industry.

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