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Customized automatic dispensing machine for tablet computer

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In fact, the machine used for tablet computer chassis packaging is not a very high-end machine. There is no need to use online high-speed spraying machine. A 551 hot melt dispensing machine can meet the requirements of tablet computer chassis packaging. We already have such technology in our manufacturing system. A hot melt dispensing machine is cheaper.
平板电脑点胶 Dispensing Valve to be Used in Hot Melt Adhesive Coating
Hot melt glue needs to be applied to a special dispensing valve, that is, hot melt glue dispensing valve, because hot melt glue needs to be heated before dispensing, heating the hot melt glue to 100, and then ensuring that the problem is that it will have fluidity, and then it can be packaged in the bottom of the tablet computer, so hot melt glue dispensing valve is one of the most important factors, in fact, the bottom of the tablet computer. There is a relatively large gap, with high-precision dispensing basically meet the packaging requirements, do not need to use online high-speed spraying machine and filling valve.
Requirements for Tablet Computer Chassis Packaging
Tablet computer chassis packaging is a rectangular coating method, hot melt dispenser work platform is larger than the size of tablet computer, so that circular dispensing can be carried out, in fact, the most cost-effective way is to use double Y-axis dispensing method, when taking products, the machine can carry out another tablet computer chassis packaging, hot melt dispensing has no gap, although no online is high. Fast glue dispensing machine is fast, but it also tries to make up for the dispensing speed, and this hot-melt glue dispensing machine can also replace the valve for dispensing other products, such as using the filling valve, other products can be dispensing.
Machine Selection Ways and Methods
热熔胶点胶机 Online is a high-speed glue dispensing machine mainly dispensing valves and controllers, both of which can determine which industry the machine is used in, or the glue used in the industry determines the dispensing valves, the glue valve can use epoxy glue, and the hot-melt valve is the use of hot-melt glue, basically according to the characteristics of glue to choose dispensing valves, there are also machine options, such as online high-speed spraying machine, general For crafts, spray paint, low paint concentration, with the corresponding fluidity, the general type of rubber valves can not meet the needs of tablet computer chassis packaging oh! If you need a hot melt dispenser with tablet chassis package, you can call the hotline 13928403389.

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