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How to choose dispensing needles used in dispensing industry

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Choosing needles is skillful, not blindly selecting needles for dispensing is not conducive to dispensing machine, and selecting needles is a method, according to the dispensing industry for the dispensing width and glue and choose needles, so that the selected needles can meet the needs of the production industry, let me give you an example.
不锈钢点胶针头 Selection of needles according to glue properties
High-speed hot-melt dispensing machine can be used for bathroom lamp packaging. Some conditions are needed to meet the dispensing conditions. Hot-melt glue dispensing valves and hot-melt glue dispensing needles need to meet the requirements of both. Hot melt glue needs to be heated to about Baidu before dispensing, and bathroom lamp packaging needs a lot of glue, so you can choose dispensing needle, which is stainless steel large flow dispensing needle.
Selection of needle according to dispensing accuracy
塑料点胶针头 In addition to the requirements of glue quality and product dispensing, there are also accuracy requirements. The dispensing accuracy of high-speed hot melt dispensing machine for bathroom lamp packaging is required. Many types of dispensing machines are controlled by dispensing needles. Selecting needles must satisfy this requirement. Large flow dispensing needles are also chosen in this way, because bathroom lamp packaging does not require high precision, but only needs high precision. Large flow dispensing needle should be selected in order to improve packaging speed.
Three conditions related to needle selection
In fact, needle selection has nothing to do with glue dispensing machine. It has something to do with dispensing valves, glue and dispensing accuracy. There are many types of dispensing needles in the market, such as plastic dispensing needle, plastic steel dispensing needle, stainless steel dispensing needle, PP material accuracy, tapered dispensing needle and so on. They are all needles produced to meet three conditions, and also to reduce production costs. The needle produced, in short, needle selection needs to meet these conditions, otherwise the use of master hot melt dispenser is unable to meet the requirements of bathroom lamp packaging.
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