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High speed automatic dispensing machine will change the trad

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The traditional dispensing mode generally refers to the manual line dispensing, the earliest appeared in the mid nineteenth Century, the demand for labor and the dispensing mode of the complex process, dispensing object is also irregular, this was the production line is the limit.
Double station fully automatic dispensing machine
The manual dispensing mode is according to the operator's skill to decide, manual dispensing there are many uncertain factors, and the hand can not accurately circle a truth, long arm dispensing process may sour numb, likely to cause uneven offset and dispensing dispensing phenomenon, the implementation of high-speed automatic dispensing work dispensing machine, the dispensing object surface more stable and uniform, can avoid manual dispensing and uncertain benign, these are manual dispensing mode do not have the function, can guarantee the consistency and integrity of the high repetitive production line needs.
Multi axis full automatic dispensing machine
From the traditional to the automatic dispensing dispensing supplies are often excessive, often consider the problem of production plants, are often unable to accurately control the manual dispensing glue glue, glue if too easy to damage if the glue dispensing objects, not easy to cause too little butt off a prison and other bad goods, rework cost greatly rise to solve the problem, supplies through the high-speed automatic dispensing machine, automatic dispensing valve work can accurately control the quantity of cement in accordance with the requirements, the maximum use rate of materials.
Two position automatic dispensing machine
The high-tech production constantly around our life, there all kinds of automatic dispensing machine dispensing work does not stop the execution, the high-speed automatic dispensing machine dispensing machine as the advanced equipment in the industry, both the production efficiency and practicability is very prominent, the device will change the traditional production way of dispensing.

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