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Ceramic heater dispensing scheme for manufacturer of automat

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Guide: Ceramic heater dispensing can be done in two ways. The first way is to use manual hot melt dispensing machine, while the second way is the way I solemnly introduce below, automatic dispensing method, using automatic dispensing equipment, to complete dispensing of ceramic heater, fast, accurate and low consumption.
Reasons why dispensing machine meets industry dispensing
陶瓷加热器点胶 We recommend the use of high-speed hot-melt dispensing machine, can use a hot-melt dispensing machine, the market can be heated, and then dispensing automatic dispensing machine is not many, glue is the same, we recommend this high-speed hot-melt dispensing machine for you, mainly because the ceramic heater dispensing will use hot-melt glue, and hot-melt glue characteristics are high temperature after the curing effect, so non- Often meet the heating dispensing requirements.
Allocation of dispensing accessories according to dispensing requirements
大流量点胶针头 Heater dispensing does not require too high precision dispensing technology, so in the selection of dispensing needle, stainless steel large flow dispensing needle can be used, which will have better effect in dispensing volume, can speed up dispensing speed, and stainless steel large flow dispensing needle will not be deformed by high temperature hot melt glue, and use time can also be guaranteed. The dispensing machine is also required in the use of dispensing valves, such as hot melt dispensing valves, because it has heating and constant temperature, so the use of hot melt dispensing valves can ensure that the temperature of hot melt does not drop, with high-speed hot melt dispensing machine dispensing in ceramic heater, it is really twice the effort.
Ceramic heating generally requires circular dispensing function, and we have strengthened the circular dispensing function in high-speed hot melt dispensing machine to make the circle drawing more stable and accurate. We have also made some changes in the fixed large flow dispensing needle to ensure that there will be no leakage during the use process. Our manufacturer of automatic dispensing machine specializes in dispensing for ceramic heater. We have made a whole set of plans and non-standard dispensing machine.
If you need a dispensing machine for ceramic heater dispensing, you can dial the telephone service hotline: 13928403389.

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