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Can be made to meet the requirements of electronic dispensin

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Lamp holder electronic dispensing is a type of LED dispensing industry, and our neutral automation equipment in the LED dispensing industry is also quite successful, but also applied to a number of LED dispensing industry dispensing, such as: LED beads, LED bulbs, LED lenses, LED filaments and so on, these products are all involved, so electronic dispensing lamp holder has the corresponding dispensing strength.
Feeling the factors of dispensing fittings
LED灯座点胶 LED lamp tape dispensing machine is equipped with high viscosity dispensing valve, which can be used as electronic dispensing equipment in lamp holder. The dispensing mainly depends on the shape of glue and product. Glue determines what type of dispensing valve we use, and the shape of product determines which kind of dispensing equipment we use. The LED lamp tape dispensing machine and high viscosity dispensing valve are the equipment selected according to the two. The dispensing aspect is in accordance with each other. Electronic dispensing requirements for closing lamp holders.
The method of our design
Our main design scheme is to do according to the type of product, for example: if you send the sample to me, we will design the dispensing scheme according to the product demand, which is more in line with your production needs, but also can design online and automatic, online: no manual participation, can directly complete dispensing steps, automatic: need to be placed and taken manually The product, of course, is mainly based on your manufacturer's cost requirements, to design electronic dispensing lamp holder program.
Two dispensing schemes can be designed
LED灯点胶 If you only need the manual fee, but need the dispensing machine, then you do not need the manual fee can also help you complete the electronic dispensing lamp holder, but also give you LED light dispensing machine and high viscosity dispensing valve in the lamp holder electronic dispensing video, will also be accompanied by a production operation step, and good after-sales service, such as on-site video teaching, not far from the place, door-to-door teaching. Maintenance and replacement of dispensing accessories, etc.
LED灯带点胶机 We can not only make electronic dispensing scheme for LED lamp holder, but also produce high viscosity dispensing valve and LED lamp dispensing machine. There is demand in this respect. You can call the telephone service hotline to know about it. Tel: 13928403389.

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