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A dispensing machine using phosphor for dispensing LED lamps

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Fluorescent powder dispensing needs to use a special dispensing valve, which is called the glue-filling valve in the market. It can use the glue with poor fluidity, such as the phosphor used in LED lamps. When it is added to the glue, it will increase the glue concentration, reduce its fluidity and increase the glue-dispensing viscosity. The glue-filling valve is a valve used for the glue-filling of fluorescent powder.
Achievable dispensing accuracy
荧光粉点胶 Phosphorescent powder is used more and more widely in LED lamps and lanterns, and the demand for dispensing is the same. In order to pursue aesthetic feeling, the demand for dispensing is also improved. In the current world of demand speed and quality, the effect of automatic production is more obvious than manual dispensing. For example, LED light dispensing machine with LED light dispensing machine can realize automatic dispensing with acceptable precision. Control in 1 mm, dispensing diameter can be controlled in 1.2 mm, dispensing accuracy is also quite high.
Requirements for the Use of Phosphors
灌胶阀 How to fulfill the demand for phosphor dispensing? Use the combination of LED light belt dispenser and dispensing valve to dispense glue, so that the dispensing valve can control the amount of glue, while dispensing machine controls the air pressure and dispensing path, so as to ensure the glue quality of phosphor spots. However, for the phosphor used, there is a requirement that no granular phosphor can be left, otherwise it will be particularly easy to cause the blockage of the dispensing valve, thus causing the damage of the glue valves. In fact, the use of this kind of phosphor is required. Material dispensing is particularly prone to wear and tear of filling valves.
Requirements for dispensing ratio and supply system
Using phosphor dispensing, we can achieve the effect of 4:1 at most. If we need a higher dispensing ratio, we need to use foreign technology. In the design of LED lamp dispensing machine and filling valve, we need to use the dispensing system, so as to meet the demand. 1:2 or 1:1 can be used as filling valve, without the need for such troublesome technology.
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